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ENGINEERING  Harness Our Unique Capabilities

We have a strong professional engineering team at InFocus. Their proficiencies have allowed us to not only develop disruptive technology for the global Oil & Gas industry, but we also exercise design & manufacturing experience for industries such as municipal infrastructure, medical and agriculture. Essential collaboration with our manufacturing team in-turn provides a high level of production accuracy and efficiency for our customers.

InFocus Engineering is a highly-skilled multidisciplinary team. They combine decades of engineering & design experience in downhole tools and industrial equipment, with a particularly strong background in the design of drilling and completion technologies and mechanical simulation. The InFocus Engineering team has a proven track record of bringing complex mechanical designs to market. 


From concept to completion, InFocus Engineering can help with YOUR design challenges. 

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Got skin in the game?


Our team imagined ways to produce error-free casing runs, which led to the creation of the HSRT: Hi-Speed Reaming Tool which deploys casing, cleans & conditions the wellbore, and aids in cementing.


Next came a major advancement in PDM technology - our award-winning AMP: All Metal Power section, the world’s first commercially viable power section with NO elastomer. We envisioned a working metal-to-metal power section and our engineering team made it a reality. 

The InFocus team also developed and holds patents on the RE|FLEX series of drilling motors.  InFocus Engineering constantly expands their engineering skillsets by pushes the boundaries of downhole tool design.



From quick strength checks to complex mechanical system design, InFocus Engineering can help validate your designs using industry proven SOLIDWORKS FEA.  Capabilities range from basic structural analysis to nonlinear system analysis to capture model material deformation, complex contact, and post-yield behavior of materials.

In addition to numerical analysis software, InFocus also has strong capabilities in design calculation and creating powerful design calculators to simplify design of recurring elements.  Examples include custom thread calculators to calculate full connection loading and stresses for single and double shouldered connections, and fatigue calculators to predict fatigue loading and life prediction with various fatigue criteria.

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InFocus constantly searches for new and better ways to simulate design concepts. In doing so we embrace new analysis tools, and because of this InFocus Engineering was selected to work with the beta version of Structural Professional Engineer (formerly SIMULIA).  This enables InFocus engineers to use the power of the ABAQUS FEA solver and cloud computing to solve a complex design challenge on their RE|FLEX drilling motor drive system. 

The strength of InFocus’ collaborations with SOLIDWORKS has led to ‘Women in Engineering’ recognition bestowed upon two team members. InFocus has also been featured in multiple SOLIDWORKS commercials, and we were invited to speak at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019 on the success of the SIMULIA simulation project. 

Using Advanced Simulation to Develop Revolutionary Products

Analysis Capabilities

Engineering Capabilities

Linear and Non-linear Analysis

Ability to simulate material nonlinearity, geometric nonlinearity and contact nonlinearity

Thermal Analysis

Buckling Analysis

Frequency / Harmonics Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Dassault Systemes Structural Professional Engineer (Simulia ABAQUS meshers and solvers on the 3DExperience Platform)

Custom Design Calculators


Mechanical design

Downhole tool design

New product development

Concept generation and detailing

Design for manufacturing / cost optimization

Design for lifecycle – designing for fatigue life, serviceability, ease of field use

Creation of 3D models and 2D drawings for manufacturing

Creation of design calculators and calculation templates

Evaluation of existing products

Optimization of existing products

Design reviews

Wear component design

Test equipment design

Test procedure design

Prototype testing

Thread Design / Analysis

     -single shouldered and double shouldered connections

     -custom thread profiles

     -straight and tapered threads

     -pin/box stress balancing

     -optimization for fatigue life

Rotating drive system design

Flexible drive shaft design

Production/Testing Capabilities

In-house machining

In-house dyno testing / flow testing

Full tool service and inspection facilities

Smaller scale pressure testing

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