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FRT - Friction Reduction Tool
Featuring InFocus' Award Winning*, Patented 
AMP All Metal Power Section Technology

The FRT - Friction Reduction Tool is based on InFocus’ highly successful AMP: All Metal Power section technology. Like the AMP, the Friction Reduction Tool is all-metal construction - with absolutely no elastomer present.

It is designed with double-shouldered connections throughout, and will operate in temperatures up to 456°F.


Currently available in 2-7/8” size, the FRT operates at a frequency of 4 - 12 Hz.

Innov_Agit_Ation_on BLK_sm.png

• Robust all-metal design with no elastomer
• Double shouldered connections with
metal-to-metal seals
• Temperature compatible to 456°F
• Pressure drop can be calibrated to customer-specific requirements.

• Any application where friction reduction is needed for a smoother operation
• Reduction of helical buckling and assists with optimizing WOB
• Compatible with all BHA’s in drill strings and workover strings including coiled tubing

• In wells with multi-phase flow (N2)
• For spotting acid or xylene during multi-step clean outs
• In HP/HT wells
• In all Geothermal applications
• With High Chloride produced water
• With Produced water with hydrocarbon present (condensate)
• With H2S present in the wellbore

FRT with AMP Inside.

InFocus continues to engineer new, exciting products based on our patented spinning metal technology.




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