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MRS™ STAR | STabilized Accentuated Reamer

The MRS™ STAR is a drilling solution specifically designed to improve drilling efficiency by reducing dependency on multiple wiper trips, backreaming and dedicated reaming activity.


The MRS™ STAR is based on the MRS™ concept and designed purely for drilling enhancement and drilling applications. It is specifically focused for rigs with sufficient hydraulic power, but where torque limitations on surface equipment, string components or both, limit string rotation to combat hole problems such as tight spots, swelling shales or wellbore collapse, where traditionally, the solution would have required backreaming. 


The MRS™ STAR is self torque-generating due to a power section that generates both torque and rotation. An integral part of the drill string when drilling with motors, rotary steerable systems and rotary drilling applications.

Product currently in development.

MRS™ STAR Tools feature InFocus' Patent-Pending AMP - All Metal Power Section Technology

Features and Benefits

• Fluid activated

• Localized torque for independent reaming operation

• Drilling optimization

• Improves hole cleaning by stirring up cuttings and reaming protruding formations into the fluid mid-stream

• Agitation function ensures better weight transfer to bit

• Reduces frictional losses (torsion and axial) when drilling due to independent rotation of stabilized reamer

• Reduces / eliminates the need for reaming (down / up)

• Improves formation evaluation by reducing hole rugosity

• Reduces / eliminates stuck pipe occurrence

• Delivers fluid activated direct reaming action at the tool thus aiding drilling crews with geologically induced problems

• Reduces stick-slip

• Features a bore through the center allowing for telemetry signal transfer

• Multiple MRS™ STAR systems can be run in the same drill string

• Available with either conventional elastomer or our proprietary elastomerless technology


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