RE|FLEX Premium HP/HT Drilling Motors

The RE|FLEX Premium Bearing Section is a proprietary design, developed to convert extreme loading parameters into efficient drilling action.  


Internal components are optimized for cyclic fatigue-loading (bending stress) which is another common failure mechanism seen in the form of twist-offs.  Because of this, all internal connections on RE|FLEX motors are double-shouldered, designed with bending and high torque in mind. Two shouldering faces increase the friction of a connection, leading to a higher torque rating and increased durability.

 Weakest connection? 
 Whatever you attach to it. 

RE|FLEX Bearing Sections are designed to work with the highest-torque power sections available, as well as the highly aggressive PDC bits being run in today’s drilling environments.

In order to meet the HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) and torque demands of the RE|FLEX Premium Motor and AMP: All-Metal Power metal-to-metal power section technology, the entire drive and bend sections of the motor had to be re-imagined. 

The robust design of the RE|FLEX ensures it will have the ability to drill long hole sections in one run at a low run cost-per-hour. 

Constant Velocity Drive

InFocus uses superior rock bit balls under compression, unlike traditional ball drives which operate under shear. Operating under compression instead of shear allows for massive torque transfer, similar to a mud lubricated bearing section. Absence of shear across the bearings gives them a higher capacity and makes the entire drive assembly more robust.

Infinite Flex Shaft

For extreme high-torque and infinite life, InFocus offers the Infinite specialty alloy flex shaft. Optional feature on all RE|FLEX Motors.

Adjustable Bend Assembly

Our orbiting adjustable bend assembly features an all-new patent-pending design. Easy to adjust, double-shouldered, self-sealing design from 0 - 3 degrees (on 4-3/4" sizes and up) without any o-rings or seals.


Fixed or straight bend options available.


All Metal Power

Metal-to-Metal Power Section


Hard Rubber

Even Walled

Hard Rubber

RE|FLEX Premium bearing sections will accommodate ANY 

Power Section on the market today.

InFocus' Patent-Pending AMP

All Metal Power Section Technology

A major advancement in PDM technology. All Metal Power (Metal-to-Metal) power sections are rated to temperatures greater than 200°C (400°F), so they are not susceptible to extreme temperature and most mud-related issues seen with traditional PDM’s.  Metal-to-metal contact translates into much higher operating regimes.

Say GOODBYE to Elastomer Issues


HELLO to Increased Utilization

Stator elastomer (rubber) is susceptible to a number of failure modes related to downhole conditions including:

Rubber Chunking / Splitting - The most common failure mode. Chunking can result from mechanical stress and strain, fluid incompatibility leading to material breakdown, uneven growth (internal heat build-up) or abnormal shrinking.  Rubber curing (hardening) will also accelerate this failure method. Curing is accelerated greatly with heat and can even be introduced prematurely during the rubber injection process itself.


Blistering - Seen as a reaction to certain lubricants and gases resulting in what known as explosive decompression.


De-bonding - Primers / Glue reacting to fluid and lubricants incompatibility or poor application. 


Seal (Performance) / Pressure Issues - Poor fit from one or more of the above conditions. 




Specifications - RE|FLEX with AMP - All Metal Power Sections

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