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-Release Notes


Releases are InFocus' way of packaging and providing GRiD software updates to our users. Think of it as a replacement to using downloads to provide software.

Release: 2018-07-09.1


  • Serialized Inventory Receipt

    • Linking Transit Order’s serialized Inventory item to Purchase Order receipt, allowing Part Number change on an item

  • Project Task

    • Adding multiple persons to a single task at Task Creation

  • Add Client Portal

    • Allow clients to submit Sales Order through a portal

  • Add Client Portal Security

    • User can be configured as a Client Portal user, specific to a customer

Release: 2018-05-11.1

Bug Fix:

  • Expected End Date can be greater than Actual Start Date



  • Gantt Chart has been added to the Jobs screen as default

    • Jobs are colored according to Job Status

    • Drag a Job to a different Rig

    • Right Click create job on blank area

    • Statistic Display

    • Show / Hide of Map, Gantt, Statistic, Calendar & Grid view

    • Default date is current day if no date is specified, this allow jobs to progressively move

    • Actual Dates supersedes expected dates

  • Rename ROP to Avg ROP

  • Proposal Items

    • Insert Part at the selected location, using Insert on Context Menu

    • Using Plus and Minus key to re-order part numbers

    • Insert Key on this tab shortcut to new part number

  • Proposal Items Part Number

    • Add Special instruction to part numbers

    • Auto fill special instruction from part number by default

  • CRM Module

    • Insert key globally within GRiD opens the CRM Module

    • Insert Key within CRM Creates a new Activity

    • Primary and Secondary Manager has been added

Release: 2018-04-13.1

Bug Fix:

  • New job creation now defaults to Job Details tab

  • Geo Reference negative sign is appended to the front of the values and an OK button is added



  • Display the Sub Total when Rig group is collapsed

  • Change Feet Drilled to Footage and Meters Drilled to Meterage

  • Change Rig statuses runs count to rig count

  • Add Current Rigs tab to Rigs module, contains Active and Upcoming statuses

  • Rename “Run Ticket” to “Run Report”

  • Add Text to Map Pushpin

  • Map Pin Filter selection is positioned above the map and is always visible

  • Release Version Notes are now available from the help menu

  • Coupling between the GUI and Database notifications has been dimmed to avoid distractions 

  • Change Upcoming Rigs tab to Halt Rigs, contains only Suspended and Pending statuses

  • Columns ROP(m/h) and ROP(ft/h) has been renamed to Avg. ROP(m/h) and Avg. ROP(ft/h)

Release: 2018-04-05.1


  • Rig split screen now facilitates the sliding Up and Down thus resizing their view window

  • Rigs Map section contains a Pins filter, allowing the user to select the Rigs Status type they will like to display on the Map

Release: 2018-03-28.1

Bug Fix:

  • Create Return Transit button  within Transit Orders now  populates Ship From, Ship To, Serialized Inventory and Non-Serialized Inventory



  • The All Rigs tab has been added to display all jobs within the system. This tab allow you to perform MTBF and Operation summary on any item in the system.

    The following Job Statuses are shown Active, Upcoming, Pending, Completed, Cancelled and Suspended.

Release: 2018-03-26.1

Bug Fix:

  • Costing Worksheet new document upload is being assigned a default name of the current file



  • Purchase Order Re-Open message “This order has been re-opened” now closes automatically after 1 sec

  • Historical Rigs tab has been added to display Completed and Cancelled Jobs.

Release: 2018-03-22.1


  • Setting up a Job and Getting a Job to move from Upcoming to Active. When a Job Order is created the Job Status defaults to Upcoming. A default run is created when a new job is added. This run can be edited if necessary. When a Job status is changed from Upcoming to Active, the job is now displayed in the Active Rigs tab.

  • The following Job Statuses Upcoming, Pending and Suspended are show under the Upcoming Rig tab.

Release: 2018-03-19.1

Bug Fix:

  • Adding a Rig attachment document was not saving.

  • Default Title Column to the Name of the document uploaded



  • Rename Job Orders Navigation Tab Title to Rigs

  • Under Job Orders Navigation Tab, Under Details, Rename Active Jobs Tab title to Active Rigs

  • Under Job Orders Navigation Tab, Under Details, Rename Orphan Jobs Tab title to Upcoming Rigs

  • Automatically Default Group Rigs (Job Orders) by Rigs

  • Rename Tab Run Tickets to Runs on the Job Order form

  • New "Save Successful" custom dialog box has been created. This box closes automatically after 1 sec

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