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Thru-Tubing Intervention  (Non-Drillable High Speed Reaming Tools)

InFocus provides High Speed Reaming Tools specifically designed for wellbore intervention.  These smaller-size HSRT’s can be configured with a wash head to run as a jetting tool for wellbore sand clean up, or with a milling-style head designed for cement clean up. Depending on your specific job requirement, we also offer a box or pin down adapter so third party heads can be utilized.


The HSRT’s contain no elastomer and can be deployed in harsh environments where acids, solvents and N2 are required for wellbore stimulations. The short compact design allows for ease of handling and is beneficial when short BHA’s are desired. The HSRT is serviced quickly and easily.





All HSRT Tools feature InFocus' Patent-Pending

Impeller Drive System Technology

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design 

  • Low run cost per hour

  • Easy to service

  • Wash head or Milling Style heads available 

  • Multiple head compatibility: Box down or Pin down options available to run 3rd party heads

  • All Metal Drive means a wide range of fluid and gas compatibility such as acids, solvents and N2

  • High Temperature rating (250°C)

  • High RPM coupled with superior hydraulic horsepower  

  • Applications:

    • Sand clean outs 

    • Confirmation runs 

    • Wellbore preparation for bridge plugs

    • Dissolvable plugs clean ups 



HSRT 287_thm.png
HSRT 287_thm.png
HSRT 287_thm.png
HSRT 287_thm.png



169 hsrt_thm.png
169 hsrt_thm.png

Case Studies

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