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HTRT | High Torque Reaming Tool

The HTRT | High Torque Reaming Tool is the first drillable positive displacement motor technology adopted as an integral component for casing deployment. The HTRT is a system purposely built to ensure tubulars can be successfully deployed; even with challenging hole conditions.


The HTRT is designed for the most challenging casing deployment operations where its superior operating torque and operational range (WOB, RPM and flow rates) bring unsurpassed advantages when running casing and liners.  The tool is a robust alternative to the mechanical, hydro-mechanical or turbine driven systems. It comes with a unique feature not seen in a positive displacement motor, where the entire body structure rotates with circulation and the rotor maintains a stationary position with the rest of the tubular string. 

THE MOST POWERFUL REAMING SYSTEM ON THE PLANET. Scalable and can produce torque levels capable of driving a PDC bit, the HTRT is available for 4-1/2” to 20” casing. It is the only casing reaming system available across such a wide range of hole / casing size combinations.


Product currently in development.

HP/HT-compatible @ 200°C (390°F) plus
Highest temperature rating of any Casing Running tool.

HTRT Tools feature InFocus' Patent-Pending AMP - All Metal Power Section Technology

Features and Benefits

• The HTRT | High Torque Reaming Tool is capable of generating drilling motor torque levels of performance in certain casing / hole sizes. This high torque output is achieved with a proprietary elastomerless system. The torque capacity of the tool increases with tool size.

• The HTRT can be manufactured in almost all possible casing / hole sizes. The 20” casing system is designed to improve surface casing runs, with torque outputs in excess of 10,000 ft-lbs this tool can be used to drill surface holes with casing using an appropriate casing drilling bit.

• The eccentric nose profile comes standard on all HTRT systems. This enables the tool to pass through the bridge while the reinforced blades ream the hole.

• All tools are capable of string rotations of up to 60 rpm. This makes the tool unique and usable for casing drilling applications.


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